About Us


Our approach

Concept, Design and Production. The mission of Keitalia not only in design but includes all three of these elements, serving as a partner for the ent and, from design to production of finished products, ensuring flexibility and reduction of fixed costs. For Keitalia customers are partners to work with treating each one of them as your own company

Our history

Established in Vimercate in Italy in 2012 Keitalia was born from the need of two young entrepreneurs from Lombardy to find an effective solution to production delays and the exorbitant costs of a project, paying attention to the phase of post implementation of product design; we believe it is essential to consider a job done only at launch on the market, and not after the submission and approval of a project.

Right now Keitalia has been able to ensure the respect of its customers thanks to its dedication and commitment in the performance of the projects, a dynamic and independent always ready to adapt to ensure maximum support, professional and flexibility.

Our team

The Keitalia team consists of professional designers from different industries, furniture, objects, industrial, this gives our company the ability to enjoy a 360 °, assessing the projects of unconventional views, and find innovative solutions for every need